The Effects of Hard Water on Your Skin and Hair

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Most of the tap water you are using at home, whether it’s tap water or well water, is hard water. Hard water means it contains high amounts of minerals that make it harder to rinse and that stay in your hair and on your skin long after you washed them. Although it may seem a trivial aspect, this can have serious effects on your overall beauty and health. To convince you of the effects if hard water on your skin and hair and to help you find an efficient way to solve the issues, read the following article.

How your hair is affected by hard water

Your hair can be affected by the quality of the water you wash it with, mostly by the hard water that usually runs to your tap. Not only hard water contains minerals that make your hair feel heavy, but it also minimizes the efficiency of the shampoo you wash it with, thus making your hair look dirtier and clogged. When you wash your hair with hard water, you will need to use more shampoo and conditioner because you won’t seem to manage to make your hair look smooth and soft. The heavy aspect of the hair will remain for a long time and will keep you from arranging it as you like.

How your skin suffers from hard water

The effects of hard water on the skin are similar to the effects it has on your hair, only the skin suffers more from the minerals in the hard water. The most unpleasant effect is the feeling of dry skin that you get after bathing in hard water. This is due to the low nourishing level of the water and all the harsh minerals that get into your skin. The mineral deposits remain on the skin and take from its natural oils and moisture, thus keeping it from looking soft and healthy. Using hard water while you bath also keeps you from rinsing your skin very well, which means there will be soap residues left on your skin, which can cause sensitivity, irritations, and allergies. Your face is the most sensitive part of your body and is the most exposed to hard water because you have to wash it daily. This causes it to crack, to become sensitive, and to develop more wrinkles due to the lack of moisture.

How can you solve this problem

Luckily, you can solve the hard water issue if you install a whole house water filter that will handle the water running at every water source in your house. The whole house water filter can remove the minerals and residues in the water you use for bathing, so you will minimize the effects of hard water on your skin and hair. However, keep in mind that only filters with integrated softeners can solve your hard water problem. Most filters can only deal with chlroine and other contaminants, but unless they are combined with a softener, they won’t do much for your hard water problems. On you can find a lot of great filters that can be paired with quality water softeners. Choose the most convenient system and will have soft and clean water in the bathroom for washing your skin and hair, but you will also enjoy pure water in the kitchen for when you wash the dishes.