How to Put Together a Power Outfit

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All career women need outfits that are chic and stylish, making them feel more confident when they go to work, and improving their overall performance due to the self-esteem boost that they get from wearing the perfect power outfit.
If you have ever watched the TV show “Suits”, you definitely noticed the gorgeous and inspiring outfits that the characters Jessica and Donna rock in every episode, power outfits like those making any woman be the talk of the office. Therefore, instead of going to work dressed in the first clothes that you get your hands on when opening the closet, read the following lines to learn how to put together a power outfit and assemble as many as you can to be the envy of all your colleagues when you enter the office.

Elements of a power outfit

When it comes to putting together a power outfit for women, many do the mistake of wearing clothes that don’t flatter their physique, ending up looking disgraceful. Therefore, instead of buying a dress or a skirt that looks fabulous but that doesn’t flatter your body, go for dresses and outfits that look perfect for your figure and which are comfortable for you to wear.
To put together a power outfit, you can either go with stylish knee-length or above the knee dresses, or you can assemble one yourself using a knee-length skirt and a shirt that you tuck in it. Also, don’t forget that when the bad weather comes you need an additional layer of clothing, therefore keep the stylish power outfits that you have already put together and add to them a chic coat or tench coat to keep warm while still maintaining the style you love.
Another aspect of putting together a power outfit is the color of the clothes that you are wearing, and while black and white are the most popular choices, you can go with other daring colors as well. One of the best lively colors for power outfits is red, but seeing how not all women can rock a red dress, you can go with more toned and stylish colors like beige or cream as well, or even dark tones of blue if you look good in those kinds of colors.

Always wear comfortable quality shoes

A big element of putting together a power outfit are the shoes, but don’t make the mistake of going with absurdly high heels, because you’ll have a hard time getting around the office with them in your feet. Therefore, wear only shoes that have a comfortable heel for you, because you’ll be going to work in them and you can’t afford to look like you’re going to fall every time you go from one desk to another.
When it comes to the types of shoes that work best for a power outfit, you should definitely go with nude, black, or red heels, ankle boots, sophisticated kitten heels, and of course, the classic black pumps. Also, don’t ever make the mistake of wearing shoes that show off your toes, because that isn’t a stylish look, no matter how perfect your pedicure is.

Don’t forget to accessorize tastefully

Tasteful accessories like an expensive and stylish watch, and 1-2 gorgeous bracelets should always be worn to complete the power outfit look. Also, wear a purse that is in tone with the clothes or dress that you are wearing and that has the appropriate size, and make sure for your pedicure to be always perfect.
People notice everything about others, therefore don’t skip on the accessories and pay attention to how everything goes together before you go out of the house to make sure you look perfect.