How to Pick a Dress for Your Type

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Choosing your clothes is not an easy job if you want to put attention and effort into looking good at all times. Wearing a dress makes you look feminine, neat, and delicate, this is why you want to make sure you wear the perfect dress that will flatter your body. For this, you will have to determine your body shape, and the following article will help you pick the best dress that fits your type of figure.

Determine what type of figure you have

Before you start looking for a dress that will fit you, you must first decide which type of body you have. There are four types of figures that describe most of the women of any age, although there are some differences that appear from woman to woman. To determine which type are you, you must take a look at your waist, at your hips size, at you shoulders, and your height. Once you measure your body, you will be able to say which figure describes you. You can be an apple figure woman, with large shoulders and a prominent bust that exceeds the size of the hips, or you can be a rectangular woman with a non-existing waist and little volume in the hip and chest area. You can also be a pear figure woman, with a large bottom area and small breasts, or an hourglass woman with equal proportions in the chest and hip area and a defined waist. Once you decide which type of body are you, it will be easier to pick a dress for your type.

  • Apple-figure women must avoid slim dresses that accentuate their lack of waist and their large shoulders. If you have an apple figure, it’s best to create volume in the lower area by wearing airy dresses with large ruffles and details in the lower part.
  • If you have a rectangular body type, you should wear dresses that flatter your cleavage or your legs, so make sure you accentuate these two areas without wearing dresses that define your waist, or your lack of a waist.
  • A pear-figure woman will look good in a dress with a deep cleavage that will accentuate her upper body area and will take the attention off her over-sized hips. Dresses with drapes, ruffles, and decorations in the upper area are perfect when you want to balance your body.
  • If you are hourglass, the best dress for you is the one that doesn’t cling to your curves but embraces them in a delicate way. Avoid volume in the upper and lower area and go for a straight dress that will cover the waist that highlights the large dimensions of your chest and hips.