Easy Microwave Recipes for Tasty Work Lunches

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When you are at work, you need to have a tasty lunch that will offer you all the nutrients your body requires in order to be productive, but many people prefer fast food over cooking at work because they don’t have enough time. If you have a microwave at work, you can peacefully enjoy a tasty and fast work lunch if you try one of the following easy recipes that can be prepared in the microwave.

Delicious frittata

You can enjoy a delicious frittata in about 5 minutes with this easy and practical recipe. You will need some butter, 1 cup of ham, a chopped onion, a chopped small green pepper, 4 eggs, and salt and pepper to taste. Melt the butter in the microwave-safe bowl, add the ham, the onion, and the pepper, cover the bowl and cook for 1 minute in high. Mix the eggs in a separate bowl with salt and pepper then add them to the ham mixture. Cover the bowl and cook for around 3 minutes and you can enjoy a tasty and healthy frittata you made yourself.

Easy macaroni and cheese

If you are a fan of the popular macaroni and cheese, you can enjoy it for lunch at work without having to buy the canned version that is not as healthy as you would like. You can make mac and cheese using whole grain elbow macaroni, a cup of water, some shredded cheddar cheese and 2 tablespoons of milk. Take a large microwave-safe bowl and microwave the macaroni and water for about 6 minutes while stirring from time to time. Leave the thick water that remains in the bowl, add the shredded cheese and put the bowl back in the microwave for around 45 seconds to let the cheese melt. Stir the content of the bowl, add the milk and enjoy a healthy and tasty mac and cheese work lunch.

Juicy flavored salmon

Thanks to your office microwave, you can also enjoy a juicy salmon steak fast and easy. For this recipe, you will need a piece of fresh salmon, some chopped ginger, peanut oil, dark sesame oil, soy sauce, a chopped green onion, salt, and pepper. Make a marinade out of ginger, peanut oil, and salt and brush the salmon fillet with this marinade. Let it sit until you mix the chopped onion with soy sauce and sesame oil then put the salmon in a baking dish and cover it with plastic foil. Cook in the microwave at high for 2 minutes, let it stand for minutes and cook again at high for 2 minutes. Serve the fish with the onion mixture and enjoy.

Of course, these recipes can also be prepared at home, when you don’t have time for actual cooking. The microwave is a very versatile type of oven and it can help you save a lot of time. If you don’t have a microwave, or you have an older model that can barely reheat food, consider buying one of the latest microwave ovens. You can find some good reviews on bestmicrowave.reviews which will help you find an affordable and efficient microwave oven.