Clothes that You Should Never Dry in the Electric Dryer

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The electric dryer is an excellent addition to any home and it can often save your outfit by providing you the garments you need to wear shortly after washing them. However, the dryer must be avoided in some cases that involve delicate and dangerous fabrics. Here are some of the clothes that you should never dry in the electric dryer.

Bathing suits

Given that bathing suits are often made of synthetic fibers and include many portions of elastic, you should not dry them on the electric dryer. The high temperatures in the dryer will make the elastic brittle and break, which will cause the bathing suits to become unwearable.

Pantyhose and tights

Considering the high amounts of elastic in the pantyhose and tights, you should not dry them in the dryer because the mesh will shrink in the heat and there is a risk of fire. Garments that include so much elastic and synthetic fibers should not be exposed to high temperatures like the ones created in the dryer.


If you want to keep your bras solid and firm, you should never dry them in the electric dryer because the heat will damage their elasticity and will ruin their shape. Considering bras are not large-size garments, you can easily let them dry in a warm room instead of using the electric dryer.

Sequins and decorations

Dresses, blouses, or pants made of sequins should not be dried in the electric dryer for the simple reason that the heat can break them and ruin the details. Moreover, the sequins can cling on other clothing items and can damage the fibers, making them impossible for wearing. Not even the clothes that include small portions of sequins or stones should be dried in the electric dryer.

Silk items

You all know how delicate silk items can be and how much care they imply when it comes to washing and drying. Since they require special treatment in the washing machine, the dryer that creates very high temperatures should be avoided at all costs. Before putting any delicate silk item in the dryer, you must read the labels very well.

Wool clothes

Wool clothes also require special care when it comes to drying because wool can shrink in high temperatures and the clothes can be damaged. Not even the clothes that contain small amounts of wool should be dried in the dryer, so make sure you check the label to make sure they don’t include wool in their fabrics.

Running shoes

Running shoes are often made of rubber pieces glued together with an adhesive that can be weakened by the heat. The rubber in the shoes can shrink and they can easily tear the next time you will wear them.