5 Trends to Try Out in the 2016 Spring

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Thankfully, 2015 has passed, being probably one of the weirdest years for fashion trends, the horrific “flatform” shoes and rainbow colored hairstyles being the most notable awful style choices of the past year. But now we’re in 2016, and everything seems to be getting back to normal, the fashion trends being cute and playful for this spring at least. Therefore, be in touch with what’s hip now by reading the following lines to find out which are the 5 trends of 2016’s spring season that you have to try to be up to date with the always changing trends and styles.

1. Babylights

As mentioned before, 2015 was an awful year for hairstyles, the weird rainbow colors populating the streets worldwide by women who died their hair in the wackiest colors possible. Fortunately, this is a bad dream of the past, and for 2016’s spring season the adorable and sweet looking babylights are the trend to follow if you want to have a look that’s updated to the latest fad. The child-like highlights that run throughout the hair will keep your hair looking fresh and soft, changing your entire appearance into a very pleasant and innocent one.

2. Playful clothing pins

The accessories to go with for this season are the playful clothing pins, being the perfect addition for any attire that you choose. There is a variety of models that you can go with, like emojis or campaign ads for example, and they work best when put on denim jackets, snapback hats, and blazer lapels, giving you a playful and interesting look if you add them to your clothes.

3. Kitten-heel pumps

In the beginning of the article we mentioned the awful trend in shoes last year that was the “flatform”, and thankfully now that trend is gone, the very sophisticated and ladylike kitten-heel pumps being the must have shoes for this season. They’re extremely comfortable, you have a variety of models that you can go with, and these shoes are perfect not only for casual attires, but for formal and office attires as well.

4. Patchwork patterns

Patchwork patterns are a very pleasant and playful trend for this spring, and one that you’re not allowed to skip on if you want to remain updated with what’s in for this season. Wearing clothes with patchwork patterns gives you a folksy look that doesn’t feel sloppy at all, being a nice change of design that will make you the center of attention in a good way. Patchwork patterns work amazing on boots, jeans, dresses, shirts, pretty much any item and fabric that you can think of, therefore stock up on wearables that have this adorable pattern immediately.

5. Graphic bags

A trend that you’ll definitely love for this spring are the graphic bags, these playful looking designs making the purse or bag that you’re carrying a real accessory instead of a boring item that you carry around with you. No matter the patterns and colors that you go with for the bags and purses that you buy this spring, let the child inside you have fun when you go shopping and enjoy the variety of playful designs that you can choose from to give you a vibrant look.