Summer 2016 Fashion Trends

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All fashionistas who have been impatient about finding out the latest trends for the summer of 2016 can start shopping as the biggest designers have decided which are the trends that will dominate fashion. We sneaked into the latest fashion shows and we made a list of the most popular and appreciated fashion trends that will rule this summer and we show you what your wardrobe should include.

  • A trend that seems to be very popular in the summer of 2016 is the vintage look that has been present in many runway shows. Large ribbons, layers, embroidery, retro shapes, lamé, and prints have been combined with modern accents that bring in the spotlight clothes with an old aspect that look very stylish. Big names like Prada, Gucci or Chanel put their print on vintage-looking garments that offer you an old elegance.
  • 2016 summer will be assaulted by stylish pajamas that can be easily worn on the streets. From soft cotton to delicate silk, from strong uni colors to floral prints, designers propose this cozy trend that is sure to become a favorite for those who like comfortable and loose clothes. This doesn’t mean that you can’t look extremely sexy or elegant. You can accessorize your pajamas with stylish high heels or a sleek bag.
  • The casual slip dress is making a comeback, only this time, it is enhanced with beautiful pieces of lace, bold colors, drapes, or embroidery. It maintains the two small straps and it can be short, long, straight, asymmetrical, with ruffles, or with a deep cleavage.
  • If last summer was about floral prints, this one is about stripes of all sizes and colors. Whether horizontal or vertical,m in skirts, dresses, or pants, stripes have been present in the collections of designers like Salvatore Ferragamo, Stella McCartney, Prada, and Dolce&Gabbana. The main attraction was for the large stripes that offered depth and volume to the clothes.
  • Spain was a main source of inspiration for designers who wanted to bring a touch of passion and desire into their collections. Hence, we were able to see many clothes with Spanish accents like Flamenco ruffles, shoulder details like the ones on the jackets of bullfighters, and particularly, the color red that symbolizes passion and desire.
  • If you used to keep your sequins for night outfits only, you must know that the summer 2016 fashion trends put the accents on sequins of all colors. You can choose them for shirt, skirts, pants, coats, everything with sequins is a must-have for this year’s summer.