Step up your fashion game with these simple tricks

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When it comes to style, there must be a bit of creativity in order to create that unique, personal style. Something that everybody remembers as your personal touch. Today, we will be talking about how you can be remembered as the “ribbon girl”. Make sure you invest in a couple of tartan ribbon UK manufactured bits and pieces, and follow the pieces of advice below.

Use them to prep up your shoes

Women and shoes have a deliberate love affair. We are continuously investing in new pieces that will make us happy, and we suffer when we get bored of one particular pair of shoes. However, if you want to keep the flame lit for a longer period, you might want to consider investing in a couple of ribbons and change your shoelaces with them. Different patterns, different widths, they all help a lot when it comes to personalising your favourite pair of shoes. This, of course, will help you like them for a longer time and when you get bored of one ribbon, you can easily change it. Keep your shoes always new with this simple trick!

Use them to style your hair

The French do it best when it comes to styling their hair, and although they might not be the inventors of ribbon hairstyles, they surely kept them alive for decades. You can wear them as a simple hair band, to step up your messy bun, or simply to include them in your braids. No matter what your style of choice is, make sure you secure your ribbons with a couple of bobby pins. Give these ideas a try and see how you shortly become the ribbon girl.

Create your own accessories

Do you know how easy it is in fact to create your own jewelry with a couple of ribbons and fake pearls? Experiment with the ideas you find on the mighty Internet (Pinterest is a goldmine) and you will be the designer of your own accessories. Who knows, maybe a new business will be born?

These are three simple ideas of personalising your style. Find the combination that works best for you and you will become a style icon in your social circles. Also, there are a couple of great manufacturers and retailers that have constant sales at their products. Do your research well before ordering.