Is laser hair removal permanent?

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Most women want to have smooth and silky skin, but hair removal is quite a painful chore. Razors carry the risk of injuries, wax is messy, shaving creams can be toxic and epilators require a high pain threshold, but none of these actually provide long lasting effects. The most you can go without hair removal is about two weeks and then you’ll have to start from the beginning. When laser hair removal become widely available, women all over the world were enthusiastic, but also a bit skeptical. A few sessions and then no more hair, forever? Is laser hair removal permanent? Here are the facts and fiction you need to know about this procedure.

What expectations do women have?


Many women imagine that after a few sessions their hair will no longer grow and that they will never have to shave again. This is most likely because laser hair removal offers long term results, but, from a biological perspective, it is impossible for body hair not to grow after a certain while. Though the results of the procedure last much, more longer than other hair removal methods, laser hair removal is not permanent.


Permanent reduction vs permanent removal


Laser hair removal is advertised as a solution for permanent hair reduction, not permanent hair removal. Understanding the difference between these two terms is very important, because they mean different things. Permanent hair removal means that hair is removed and will never be able to grow again – and this procedure doesn’t do that. Instead, it permanently reduces the amount of hair. Hair will grow back after a while, but it will be blonder and finer, considerably less noticeable. About 70% of single hairs are removed, but new follicles appear over time, so new hairs will form. Moreover, results depend on the client’s skin and hair color and hair type, which is why before the procedure you should have an initial consultation. The beautician will tell you if this procedure will work on you and what results you can expect.


The importance of maintenance


A complete set of treatments is required to achieve maximum effects through laser hair removal. These usually span across six months and the frequency of the sessions is established by the beautician, based on your hair growth cycle. It’s important not to skip these sessions and also not to shave on your own between them. After they are over, for maintenance, it is equally important to invest in maintenance. Some stubborn hairs will continue to grow back, but you can stop the process by having laser hair removal done every year.


Therefore, even if laser hair removal cannot get rid of hair forever and it requires annual touch-ups, it still is the option with the longest term effects on the market today. If you don’t want to waste time and money shaving or going to the salon all the time, this is by far the most practical solution and in the long run you actually save money, because you won’t have to buy any other epilators or shaving products.