Improve Your Self-Esteem after a Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction can harm your self-esteem and confidence. Yes, you will feel high immediately after taking the drug. However, the story changes once the effect of the drug wears off; then you are back to the status quo, feeling bad about yourself; this may lead to depression. If care is not taken, the depression can prompt suicidal thoughts. Once you are an addict, it can be very difficult to shake free from the shackles by yourself. However, you can consult professionals to get adequate and effective treatment for drug addiction.   You can be free from it for a lifetime if you get the right outlet.

Check below for tips on how to improve your self-esteem after a drug addiction.

Write out your affirmation

What is an affirmation? It is a simple and positive statement you say to yourself repeatedly. It may seem not to be genuine at the start, but reciting them over time can change how you feel about yourself.  How do you want to feel about yourself now or in the future? Write down an affirmation that agrees with that.  Examples of affirmation are: “Fear is a Liar”, “I am Proud of Myself”, “I can overcome”, etc. After writing the affirmation, repeat it to yourself every day, which will build faith and bring the desired transformation.

Forgive your past mistakes

Forgiving yourself for your past mistakes can go a long way in giving you that leap to the next level.  If you have struggled with drug addiction and it has affected your self-esteem, you should first make effort to forgive yourself for the wrong choices of the past as this can help you to move forward on the path to recover your lost self-esteem. 

Many of the things people do when under the influence of drugs are regrettable, especially when they look back on their past lives.  Instead of punishing yourself for those regrettable actions, you should start doing things differently for a better future.  You should avoid allowing your past mistakes to define your present.

Do something good every day

The other will accord you appreciation each time you do something good to them. The good gesture does not have to be big; you may just give someone a lift or give up your seat for someone on a bus. Even a kind gesture as small as giving someone directions can count a lot. 


While the points above can help you to recover your lost self-esteem, you can still go for professional help by registering at a holistic drug rehab, where trained professionals can help you to overcome drug addiction and also guide you towards recovery.