How to Use a Flat Iron without Damaging Your Hair

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You can be certain of the fact that there isn’t a woman who doesn’t have a flat iron, this hairstyling tool being the most popular hair beauty device of them all, mainly due to the fact that it allows women who have any type of hair to create the perfect look they always dreamed of. The only problem with using a flat iron is that if you don’t use it correctly, it can damage your hair and decrease its quality, therefore instead of using the flat iron without being informed, read the following lines to find out how to properly use it to avoid burning and damaging your precious hair.

Apply a heat protector on your hair before using the flat iron

When using the flat iron, your hair will succumb to enormous heat when the styling device takes contact with the strands of hair, therefore if you don’t protect your hair from the heat that will make contact with it, the hair will be burnt.

A great and extremely cheap hair protector that you should apply on your hair before starting to use the flat iron on it is the Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray that costs only $5. This heat protector works well for any type of hair, but it’s especially effective for protecting thin and sensitive hair from getting damaged by the heat from the flat iron, the biotin-enriched formula used to produce it strengthens the hair and it leaves it soft, and it’s very easy to use, covering a lot of hair evenly and quick.

Set the flat iron at the perfect temperature for your hair

The heat setting that you should choose depends only on your hair type, therefore read this section to know what heat setting is appropriate for your hair type. Not all flat irons allow you to control the temperature, which is why it is recommended to choose a flat iron with adjustable temperature controls, preferably one suitable for your hair type.

Women who have thin or fine hair should set the temperature of the flat iron below 360 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid damaging it, those who have normal, medium, or wavy hair should set the temperature of the flat iron between 360 degrees Fahrenheit and 380 degrees Fahrenheit, and those who have thick, coarse, and curly hair should set the temperature setting of their flat iron between 380 degrees Fahrenheit and 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Avoid going over the same sections of hair more than once

You don’t have to take this rule literally, because those who have thick, coarse, or curly hair will have to go over the same section of hair more than once if they want to straighten it with the flat iron due to the fact that their hair is harder to manage than other hair types, but if you have normal or fine hair, you should apply the advice and avoid going over the same section more than once to avoid burning the hair. Therefore, no matter what hair type you have, remember that it’s best to go over the same sections as few times as possible to avoid damaging them.