How to Take Better Care of Your Expensive Clothes

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Taking care of expensive clothes is not something that you learn at school, but it’s very important to learn how to take care of your clothes so that you always look great, regardless of the event. Moreover, it can be quite irritating to spend a lot of money on a decent suit or coat that you’re planning to wear for many years, only to find out that the fabric looks worse after just a couple of weeks. To learn how to make your clothes last for longer, read this following article.

Buy quality clothing

If you are planning to get an expensive suit or a coat, make sure that it has a classy and timeless look so that you can use it to put together a great outfit even after some time goes by. It’s not recommended to buy overly expensive clothes from famous brands because most of the time the clothes are overpriced, but if you like something in particular ask yourself some questions before making the purchase. The clothes that you are wishing to buy should be made of quality fabrics and have a great look that can never go out of style. Moreover, if the material is very thin, you will find it difficult to clean and take care of your clothes.

Invest in a good quality clothes dryer

If you want to make sure that the top quality of the clothes material stays the same even after you have washed your clothes a couple of times per week, you will need to use a high quality clothes dryer that features several wash cycles, including a delicate cycle that can handle delicate and thin fabrics. The majority of clothes dryer models allow you to adjust the temperature, dryness as well as the timing. To minimize the risk of shrinking in fabrics, consider lowering the temperature but keep the same dry time, for best results.

Use a clothes steamer instead of a regular iron

Instead of using a regular iron to remove wrinkles from your clothes, you can use a clothes steamer to keep your clothes neat and clean. When using a regular iron, there’s always the risk of burning your clothes, and when you have expensive clothing, that’s a risk that you shouldn’t be wiling to take. Clothes steamers are a great alternative, because you can use the power of steam to remove wrinkles, get rid of unpleasant odors as well as sanitizing fabrics. Check out the latest clothes steamer reviews 2016 if you wish to see which are this year’s best steamers. Choose one which can also be used on delicate garments.

Store your clothes properly

Whether you are planning to store your clothes on multiple shelves or in a closet, it’s important to store clothes in a proper way, to ensure that they don’t damage or look misshapen after time goes by. If you have multiple sweaters, you can fold all of your sweaters on a single shelf so they keep their shape. Sharp zippers or studs can scratch and damage your clothes, so pay more attention when folding clothes that include sharp accessories. Avoid using wire or plastic hangers for keeping your clothes in the closet, as they can stretch the fabric considerably. Instead, use hangers made of wood or hangers with plush arms.