How to look fashionable at the airport

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Being at the airport is anything but a pleasant experience. You’re not able to get coffee in certain points, not to mention that you’ve got to respect so many ridiculous rules. However, there’s a way that you can make things a little bit more fun: dressing fashionably. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to wear a baggy sweater when you’re waiting for your flight. No, you can be downright chic if that’s what you want. Have you ever taken a closer look at how celebrities dress for the airport? If no, then you should visit a women’s blog right now. Want to know how to look fashionable at the airport? Keep on reading, then.

Transform the airport into your own runway

If there’s one thing that celebrities of the 1970s knew, that was how to dress for the airport. Just search pictures of Barbra Streisand and Cher and you’ll convince yourself. They treated the airport as their own personal runway and you should be doing the same thing. The question now is how you impress. Besides wearing chic clothes, you have to take long, steady strides and, most importantly, don’t ever look down. If you don’t want passers-by to get distracted by the clothes that you have on, avoid facial expressions like smiling. Just maintain your mouth in a  natural position.

Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight

It’s normal to want to stand out from the crowd, but this doesn’t mean that you should go for tight clothes. You’ll not feel comfortable walking endless miles through airport terminals, not to mention that it’ll be hard for you when you want to go to the bathroom. In order to look fashionable, put on a pair of fitting jeans and a trendy coat. Nicole Richie managed to rock an animal-print coat and so can you. Make sure that your cover-up has lots of pockets. You never know when you need to carry things.

Opt for comfy shoes

Having comfortable footwear is a must. As mentioned before, you’re going to walk miles through airport terminals and you can’t really afford to put a strain on your feet. So, boots or stilettos are out of the question. If you’re not particularly a fan of flat heels, then you’ll love sneakers. You don’t have to have a sporty outfit to have an excuse to wear sneakers. All you have to do is pair your sneakers with a simple dress or skirt. Not only will you feel comfortable, but also you’ll look fashionable.

Pay attention to accessories

When it comes to airport style, you have to know how to create a balanced look. There isn’t a rule saying that you can’t wear accessories. However, you’ll be required to remove them when you pass through checkpoints. What accessories are okay? Here are a few: sunglasses, scarves, hats, and subtle jewelry pieces. The thing is that you should avoid wearing anything else just to make your life easier. So, what will it be? What are you going to go with?