Hair accessories for a trendy summer

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Women find difficult to style their hair in the summer, because it is hot outside and they might tend to ignore the look and prefer something comfortable. But, you should not opt for an ugly hairstyle, when you have so many options from which to choose when it comes to buying hair accessories. Therefore, take a look at the runaways looks and find your inspirations, because you do not have to have Rapunzel locks to be able to style your hair in a fashionable way. No matter how amazing is your make up and that you wear the latest designer dress, if you do not style your hair accordingly you will not be perceived anymore as a trend setter, so you should pay attention to the hair accessories promoted by designers. Here are some of the greatest trends of the year, get inspired.

 It’s all about headbands

This year headbands seem to be the ultimate must when it comes to hair accessories, every designer included them in their runaways and you should definitely have a few to make your looks more interesting. You will fall in love with them, as Romanian and Greek women did in the past, and as you would see they would become the statement of the summer, so why not be the first of your group of friends who wears them. You can wear simple coloured ones, or multiple headbands which feature sequins, perfect for a late night date. If you are all about romantic looks, you will find some special headbands made from metal. Designers found their inspiration in the Julius Caesar age and you can find in online stores different crowns, which are perfect to be accessorised to floral dresses. Be an ancient goddess this summer with these bronze and gold crowns.

Flower power

Summer is here, and all the flowers seem to bloom even in the city, so why not bring a pop of colour in the busy town with flower hair accessories. Depending on your style, you can opt for little flowers, which can be tied with hairpins, or you can choose beautiful flower crowns. You can find different models handmade, provided by different artists, which are made from different fabrics. Take a look in the stores, you would definitely find something you like.

Bows and ribbons

Bring back the pin-up style with your hairstyle. It seems that the bows and ribbons are the theme for this summer, and you have plenty of options when it comes to using them. You can braid them alongside with your locks, or you can add them as simple accessories. You can style your hair in a sleek ponytail and tie a little bow on its upper side, or you can let different stripes of ribbons, in multiple shades to flow along with your hair locks. Also, you can use the ribbon to create your own headbands, nothing is simpler than this, you only have to buy the ribbons you like, in different sizes and shades, and craft some stylish headbands.