Graphic tees – the perfect staple for any closet

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Graphic tees are omnipresent in our lives and the reason why everyone loves this trend so much is that graphic t-shirts are versatile as well as affordable. You can wear your tee with a pair of jeans or you can pair it with a leather skirt you instantly for a sophisticated evening look. Local stores are packed with all kinds of versatile tees, but you can do better than plain store apparel. Forget about store shopping and head online and design your own t-shirt. It is very easy to create your own t-shirt online nowadays. There is no need to use hard to determine software when you can just visit and customize your free of charge. Whether you are planning to wear your tee for a regular day or you are looking to make your evening outfit stand out, a graphic t-shirt is a great option for you.

Do’s of wearing graphic tees

Do choose tasteful graphics. Most graphic tee comprise imagery and slogans that can either be color-off or simply inappropriate. If you are aiming for the chic look, then you should avoid graphics which are of bad taste or a little bit aggressive. On the other hand, if you are willing to test boundaries, you can create an edgy look with crass sayings or artwork.

Do wear a graphic t-shirt with jeans. Denim best complements a graphic tee due to the fact that it add the perfect neutral accent, but avoid patterned leggings as they can create too much visual interference. You should not wear your graphic t-shirt with cut-off shirts, this look may go well for adolescent girls, but for women over the age of 21 not so much. You can create a much more polished look with only a pair of jeans.

Do think about place and context. If you work in an advertising company, then you may get away with wearing a graphic tee, but it you are employed at a financial firm, then you cannot wear a graphic tee with a cute skirt. When building your outfit along the graphic tee, you should pay attention to how appropriate the tee is for an event or a location.

Different ways to wear a graphic t-shirt

As mentioned before, you can pair a graphic tee with a pair of jeans. If you are going for this look, then consider a pair of boyfriend jeans. This look is essential for the weekend outfit, not to mention that it is an all-round trend. To complete the look, choose a pair of cool sneakers or ballet flats if you are going to run errands all day long. Another idea would be to pair a graphic tee with a pantsuit. This will completely transform your look, giving it a youthful spin. For a dinner chic outfit, pair your graphic t-shirt with a black skirt. The great part is that you will look elegant and the look is literally effortless.

How to wear a graphic tee at work

If you want to make your graphic tee safe from work, you should tuck it into a pair of trousers with a fitted blazer. You will definitely look regal. To make your look totally deluxe, consider adding a necklace. This will distract your colleagues’ attention from your tee, especially if it is layered with something professional.