Engagement ring shopping for your fashionista girl

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So you feel like the time has come to take your relationship to the next level, and pop the big question. The proposal in itself might be currently stressing you out, but before you even think about how you want to do things, you should first have the engagement ring. If your partner is known for being a fashionista, this purchase will require a bit more attention from your part, and here are some shopping tips you need to remember:

Take into account her personal style

Start spying on your girl’s style with enough time prior to the purchase. Even if you might have been for a long time together, if you are like the majority of men, you might not be entirely certain of her preferences, so now it’s time to pay more attention to her taste than ever. You know by now that she loves fashion, but what’s her style like? Does she prefer to dress more elegant? Is she a street style kind of fashionista? Because this is a piece of jewellery she will be wearing every day, it should match her personality and style.

Look into the vintage options – unique is always better

There are plenty of jewellery shops that offer you great options, but if you are seeking authenticity and uniqueness, perhaps you should consider the option of buying vintage. Vintage engagement rings have a more special feel to them, a unique design and are less common. Instead of purchasing the same basic model almost any man goes for, be more original, and consider this possibility.

Ask for a second opinion

While you might think you know your girlfriend’s tastes quite well, you will need a bit of extra support on the matter. Because you are making such an important choice, you should be assured that you have chosen wisely. It’s always best to get your partner’s best friend on board, because they are likely to give you the best advice on the subject. If you find something you like, ask someone close to your significant other, someone who knows her style, what they think about your suggestion. This can be more helpful than you imagine.

Make sure the ring comes with a return policy – just in case

Your partner might be too excited with your proposal to actually tell you that the ring isn’t exactly to her liking, but having the possibility to replace or return the jewel can often come in handy. Perhaps you have chosen the wrong size, or there is another issue that might demand for you to make a swap. Regardless where you will be buying the ring from, make sure the purchase comes with a proper return policy.

Engagement ring shopping is certainly not easy, considering how important a proposal is in a couple’s life. Things tend to get even more complicated when your partner has specific taste and is a fashion enthusiast, because a basic choice will probably not please her as much as you would want it to. This is why, you need to keep a few things in mind, when you are making this purchase, and to allocate enough of your time and attention towards this decision. The tips suggested here can be quite useful, so use them to your advantage, and you might manage to surprise her in the loveliest way possible.