Can Lasers be Used to Tighten Up Your Skin?

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If you want tighter skin you are part of a large group. Nobody likes living with sags or looking in the mirror and seeing even the smallest facial wrinkles. That is why it is so nice that the skincare industry has heard the cries of those with skin problems. Skincare experts have created many different ways to for us to fight the inevitable signs of aging, especially loosening skin. One of those creations is laser treatment, which first gained mainstream popularity in the 90s. Since that time laser treatments have saved countless sufferers from many skin problems, including wrinkles. But can they help you to tighten your skin? To answer that question you must first get the answers to some other questions.

Why is my skin so loose all of a sudden?

There are many reasons why your skin can become loose, but they all come back to the same thing. That is your skin has lost its collagen cohesion. Collagen is a natural material made by your body that works somewhat like a glue holding your cells together. When it becomes damaged or there is just less of it the skin will start to sag. That can happen for many reasons, but the top two are environmental factors and the natural process of aging.

How much tightening does my skin need?

There have been a lot of advancements in laser procedures over the years. Today, quality laser devices can be found in every clinic. But they are still only so powerful. They are not meant to be used to treat skin suffering from severe sagging. However, as long as your skin still has a fair amount of its own elasticity laser treatment can be used to make up the difference.

What other qualities does my skin have?

The other qualities your skin has may influence the results of laser treatment. For example, if your skin is thin you may need to be treated with a certain kind of laser. If it is oily you may not be a good candidate for treatment with laser devices at all. Other skin conditions you have may also complicate matters. But your clinician should discuss all of those issues with you before an actual laser appointment is ever scheduled.

How do I feel about the laser skin tightening process?

Lasers are not the only treatment options available to you. For example, there is also sound wave treatment to consider. So one of the deciding factors in whether or not to have it done will be your personal thoughts about the process. Lasers used in skincare clinics are perfectly safe. However, if you do not feel comfortable having a laser pointed at your skin you may have to pursue other treatment types.

Can I afford laser treatment to tighten my skin?

Lasers treatment involves an ongoing financial investment. Each appointment can cost several hundred dollars. Appointments are most often made in groups of four to six. You may also want to have more than one series of treatments as time passes. After all, tightening your skin with lasers now does not mean it will stay tight. As time passes it is likely to become loose again. So you must prepare for that financial investment.

Does my skincare expert agree that laser treatment is right for my sagging skin?

Ultimately, you should listen to your skincare expert. If he or she says you are a good candidate for laser skin tightening you can schedule your first appointment. It is also possible that you are a candidate for treatment with a certain type of laser, but not all lasers. If so, it may take time to locate a clinic offering the right laser treatment for you. But when you do you can rid yourself of those unwanted wrinkles.