Are Women More Susceptible to Allergies than Men?

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Allergies can affect anyone of any age and gender, but studies have shown that women are more prone to develop allergies than men are. Although scientists haven’t found the answer to this fact, it’s true that women develop more allergies and even asthma compared to men who suffer less from allergies and respiratory problems. From rashes to swelling to runny noses and breathing problems, women experience allergy symptoms more frequently than men.

Why are women more susceptible to allergies?

The high numbers of female allergy sufferers have made doctors wonder whether gender has anything to do with the development of allergy symptoms. Scientists have run a series of tests on both male and female mice and the results have shown that the female mice experienced more severe effects and for longer periods of time than the male specimens. The study has found that it may be caused by:

  • The levels of estrogen, a hormone found in the female body
  • An enzyme that lines the blood vessels and creates a substance called nitric oxide
  • This substance creates a drop in the blood pressure so fluids in blood vessels can reach into the tissues and cause swelling and irritations

Although mice tests can’t be 100% relevant, scientists believe that the levels of hormones in a woman’s body are responsible for the allergy reactions she experiences.

Women at the age of child-bearing, women going through menopause and taking hormone replacement therapy, and female athletes taking a supplement called L-arginine that is known to increase the production of nitric oxide are the most prone to develop allergies. Therefore, women who include hormone supplements into their diet should be more careful with their allergies and should take more safety precautions that will keep them safe from allergies.

How to prevent allergies

You must have a thorough allergy management plan in order to avoid it as much as you can. The simplest way to put it is to simply avoid it. Therefore, if you are allergic to pet dander, you should avoid keeping a pet. Furthermore, if you have allergic reactions to pollen, you should keep all the windows closed. You can also try:

Avoid allergy season

Even though Spring means blooming trees and flower buds, it may be the hell season for all of those with allergies. Constant sneezing, congestion, runny nose, and itchy eyes. All of these can make it impossible to live a normal life. Thus, you should take extra steps such as:

  • You should stay indoors during dry, and windy days. It’s best that you go outside after rain
  • Avoid doing lawn mowing yourself. You can ask a friend or purchase a robot lawnmower
  • Close windows and doors at all times

Women should have a regular check that determines whether or not they suffer from an allergy and they should look for convenient ways of minimizing their contact with allergens. The easiest way to relieve allergy symptoms is to use an air purifier at home or at the office where the chances of getting an allergy are higher. If you don’t have an air purifier, we recommend you to make a research on the top-rated air purifiers and see which model is the most convenient. The latest air purifiers will offer you more interesting features, so looking at the top rated ones will definitely help you make the best decision. An air purifier can do no harm, but it can make a big difference in your state of health as it can remove allergens from the air you breathe, like dust mites, bacteria, mold spores, pet hair, or pet dander. Having an air purifier nearby reduces the number of allergens your respiratory system gets into contact with and limits the chances of developing an allergy or even asthma.


So you now know for a fact that you are indeed more vulnerable to developing allergies than your male counterpart. But this isn’t a reason for you to feel disadvantaged as, nowadays, there are plentiful means to use and create a safe environment indoors, even prevention and treatment seeing significant positive changes when it comes to allergies. As long as you take the right measures and protect yourself, the pesky allergy season won’t be that big of a threat for your comfort and well-being anymore. Luckily, even when allergy season makes its dreaded appearance, we now have air purifiers that handle removing the impurities that trigger the symptoms, so you can go on with your life and do your daily activities as you do in the rest of the year without any worries.